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Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito - Virgil


Econ 1A - Corrected grades posted for both classes - 9/21/18

Constitution Day Extra Credit

Up to five (5) extra credit (percentage) points can be earned and added to your Exam #1 score by one of two possible methods:

Method 1: Come to the Constitution Day event in the Quad on Monday, Sept 17 between 9:00 AM to 2:15 PM. Take a look at the various exhibits, ask questions, and increase your knowledge of the founding documents and their importance. Learn about the document that is fundamental to the economic success of this country. Make sure to sign the attendance roster.

Method 2: Write a 2 page paper about the “Commerce Clause” contained in the US Constitution. Describe the importance of this clause and how the interpretation of the Commerce Clause has changed over the last two hundred years. Finally, give your opinion about this change in terms of its impact on the economy. The due date for the paper at the time of the first exam.